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Controlling Prickly Pear after Pasture Establishment

Photo 1. Prickly Pear after cultivation and pasture establishment in Gadsden County. Credit: Shep Eubanks UF/IFAS Prickly Pear is one of those tenacious, tough to handle weeds that you hate to find growing in your pastures and hay fields.  It can be very difficult to control and eradicate.  This weed typically spreads and reproduces via …

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New Herbicide being Tested for Prickly Pear Control

A new herbicide has recently been released called Trumpcard which contains both fluroxypyr and 2,4-D. Prickly pear control trials with Trumpcard are ongoing at the Univerisity of Florida, becuase it is expected that this combination will work as effectively as Cleanwave, which is no longer commercially available. Jay Ferrell and Brent Sellers, Extension Weed Specialists …

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Herbicide Alternatives for Prickly Pear and Dogfennel without Cleanwave

Traditionally, the most common herbicide program for prickly pear control has been Remedy plus diesel fuel or basal oil. However, this program is costly since high rates are needed (20% solution) and grass injury around the cactus plant is very high. A better alternative would be fluroxypyr, the active ingredient in Vista herbicide. Photo Credit: …

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