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Planting Date is Critical for Fusarium Wilt Management in Watermelons

Fusarium wilt in watermelon on a commercial field in Madison County.  Credit Nick Dufault Fusarium wilt is caused by the soil borne fungus Fusarium oxysporum, which continues to be a problem for many Florida watermelon producers. Management of this devastating disease requires an integrated approach that combines conventional and novel techniques. Site selection is a …

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Planting Trees Correctly

Photo Credit: Blake Thaxton Often in Extension we are asked to look at unhealthy plants in the landscape.  We see every problem under the sun.  Whether it is diseases, insects, or cultural problems we run into them all.  One problem that seems to be a trend, when clients show us a declining tree, is signs …

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It Is Peanut Planting Time In Santa Rosa County

Ponding in a field in the Allentown Community from recent heavy rains It is mid May, prime peanut planting time, and the planters are finally rolling in Santa Rosa County! The farming community received 21.85 inches of rain between April 1 and May 16, based on data gathered at the weather station based at UF/IFAS, West …

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Crop Planting Resumed this Week

Planting cotton in Bascom, FL. Photo: J. Thompson Its prime time for cotton and peanut planting, but the excessive rainfall last week brought planting to a halt. Some growers in the northeast corner of Jackson County, where soils are very sandy, were able to begin planting again this week. The rest of the region is still pretty …

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Cool Season Forage Planting Decisions

Cool season forages are the highest quality feed that can be grown on the ranch in the Southeast. Doug Mayo, Jackson County Extension & Ann Blount, UF/IFAS Forage Breeder Cool season forages have long been the very highest quality feed that can be grown on the ranch for winter livestock supplementation in the Southeast.  Land …

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Corn Planting Decisions

Attractive corn prices combined with reduced stocks will likely lead to an increase of planted acres across the U.S., including the Florida panhandle, in 2013. (Photo by Doug Mayo, Jackson Co. Extension) Corn prices are attractive this year due to reduced corn stocks caused by the severe drought the corn-belt experienced in 2012. This will …

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Effect of Delayed Planting on Winter Forages

As a rule of thumb, total seasonal yield drops off substantially when winter annual plantings are delayed past mid-November. Dennis Hancock, UGA Forage Extension Specialist How Late is Too Late? I’ve been getting a lot of calls about late planting of winter annual forages. Because of how extremely dry we are, many question the logic of planting …

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Cotton Planting Decisions

Cotton planting will soon be in full swing across the region. The first step to a successful season is to establish a healthy, uniform stand of 2 to 3 plants/ft of row. To ensure success growers should plant high-quality, broad-spectrum fungicide-treated seed into a firm, moist seedbed. Temperature is critical to successful seed germination and …

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Drought Forecast Suggests Early Peanut Planting this Year

Certainly the rain that fell late this winter has helped replenish the ground water and has refilled ponds that have been dry or nearly dry for some time.  For the first time in months, the Florida Panhandle has moved out of the severe drought category on the drought monitor. Although this is very encouring, the …

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Soil Temperature Rules, So Early Planting is Not Always Best

 Daniel E. Mullins IFAS Extension Agent IV Santa Rosa County Extension 6263 Dogwood Drive Milton, FL   32570 danm@santarosa.fl.gov 850-623-3868 850-623-6151   Profitable vegetable production begins with the prompt germination and early, uninterrupted growth from seeds.  If a seedling slows down even once during germination and emergence, it is in trouble.  The results of this condition …

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