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2017 Weather Summary and First Quarter 2018 Outlook

2017 Annual Weather Summary The national weather service provides estimates of annual rainfall.  The western counties received considerably more rainfall than those in the eastern portion of the Panhandle. There was considerable variation in the annual rainfall across the Panhandle in 2017. The graphic above shows National Weather Service’s estimated annual rainfall for the Florida …

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September Weather Summary, Hurricane Nate and the Last Quarter Outlook

National Weather Service summary of rainfall estimates across the Florida Panhandle in September 2017. September was an unusually dry month across much of the Panhandle, considering we were all watching Tropical Storm Irma so closely.  You can see the red streaks where the outer-bands of Irma swung around on the eastern part of the region.  …

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August Weather Summary & Harvest Outlook

August was another rainy month across the Panhandle, but there was a wide variation in rainfall across the region.  The western counties had large areas with 10-15 inches (hot pink) and even some areas nearer to the coast with more than 15″.  The eastern counties were much drier, except along the coast with a range …

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July Weather Summary and August Outlook

National Weather Service estimates of rainfall in July 2017 across the Panhandle. Rainfall July was more typical than the previous month with scattered summer showers that were anything but uniform.  For the most part, coastal areas received higher totals than further inland.  While there were isolated areas in hot pink that received over 10″ for …

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2014 Weather Summary and 1st Quarter Outlook

National Weather Service estimates for rainfall in the Florida Panhandle for December 2014. December was another wet month for the Central Panhandle, with more moderate rainfall recorded in the western counties.  Gadsden and Liberty County received heavy rains just prior to Christmas, with a monthly total over 10″. The Florida Automated Weather Stations (FAWN) showed …

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Panhandle Blueberry Yield Outlook still Positive

Blueberry rows washed out. Note lack of damage in established plantings. Photo by Matt Orwat Brightwell rabbiteye blueberry full of fruit. Photo by Matt Orwat Blueberry harvest is less than a month away in the central Panhandle. Although the Florida Panhandle has been hit with excessive rainfall this spring, blueberry yields are on track to …

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Seasonal Drought Outlook 1-17-13

Drought conditions are expected to continue over the next three months in the Southeast. Provided by:  Clyde Fraisse, Agricultural & Biological Engineering cfraisse@ufl.edu 90-day Outlook Summary A seasonal forecast is the best available prediction of what our climate will be like in the next few months. It is different from a weather forecast in that individual …

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SE Fall Climate Outlook: Neutral

Severe freezes that can impact citrus and other winter crops are more likely this year. Studies have shown that of the dozen or so catastrophic freezes that have impacted the Florida citrus industry since the late 1800’s, nearly all of them have occurred during times of Neutral conditions in the Pacific. David Zierden, Florida State …

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