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Crop Nematode Damage a Serious Issue this Season

After back to back mild winters, the 2017 growing season has been a banner year for pests. Prolonged cold weather normally diminishes pest populations, but this year pests of all types survived winter with populations that have increased dramatically. Most of the growing season, whiteflies were the major concern across fruit, vegetable and agronomic crops. …

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Friday Feature: The Gluten Free Issue

David Schechter is a news reporter for WFAA News in Dallas Texas who likes to get answers to questions people have on hot topics through video segments he calls Verify.  This week’s featured video was a Verify segment David produced on the Gluten Free craze sweeping across America.  David does a great job interviewing experts …

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Deer Depredation: A Serious Issue for Okaloosa Farmers

Deer Damage in a Cotton Field in Okaloosa County It has been a rough year for Northwest Florida farmers!  The excessive rainfall has made it difficult to control traditional pests in wet fields.  Add to this frustration a pest that is hard to control in good years, and you have a very disappointing season.  The …

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Living Well in the Panhandle Spring 2011 Issue

Judy Corbus Living Well in the Panhandle Newsletter Editor Washington and Holmes Counties JLCorbus@ufl.edu It’s hard to believe summer is knocking at our door – it seems like New Year’s Day was just last week!  The warmth of summer ushers in an abundance of fresh produce.  Farmers’ Markets are open, offering a colorful array of …

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Gardening in the Panhandle Summer Issue

Alex Bolques Editor, Horticulture Agent Gadsden County Extension ABOL@UFL.EDU As we enter the second half of the year, July is typically hot and humid.  You may also expect frequent afternoon thunderstorms, as we have also entered into Florida’s rainy season.  Remember to stay hydrated while working in the garden and protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet …

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Panhandle Agriculture Spring 2011 Issue

Judy Ludlow County Extension Director Calhoun County judy.ludlow@ufl.edu Springtime, Springtide, or Vernal Equinox; however you describe this time of year, it is here!  Spring is a time of change, and renewal; change in the weather, and renewal of nature.  The soil is warming, seeds are sprouting, and the weather is unpredictable.  I found the following …

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