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Friday Feature: Protecting Hay Quality at Harvest Part 2

Friday Feature:  Protecting Hay Quality at Harvest Part 2

In early October we shared the first two videos in the “A Cut Above the Rest” video series produced by Massey Ferguson, that features Dennis Hancock, UGA Forage Specialist.  This week we share the third and fourth videos in this series that provides helpful tips for protecting the quality of your hay at harvest.

Part 3  focuses on the final step of the harvest process: baling your hay and forage. The video addresses the key questions: How to measure hay and forage moisture?  How does that impact overall quality? and How to meet different customer needs, what are they looking for in hay, and their livestock requirements?  How to utilize hay baler settings for optimum field operations?

Part 3 Bailing Hay and Forage


The fourth and final video in the series focuses on agronomic insights and best practices needed to replenish the nutrients lost throughout the season. Learn more about the methods used to measure hay and forage nutrients, and how that impacts the overall quality  Learn about the importance of timing your last cutting to prepare for winterization and a healthy spring crop.

Part 4 Fertilization & Crop Winterization



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