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Costal Dune Lakes

Extension  Service and Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance Announce Public Meeting for  Construction of Coastal Dune Lakes Management Plan
4-11-06             During April – May 2006, Phillip Ellis with The Choctawhatchee Basin  Alliance and Scott Jackson with The Walton – Okaloosa County –  University of Florida – IFAS Extension Service will host community  discussions. These community meetings are the first steps initiating a  process that will result in management plans for each of Walton  County’s rare coastal dune lakes. Similar ecosystems are found in  Madagascar, New Zealand, Australia and USA Pacific Coast. Fifteen named  Coastal Dune Lakes have been identified in Walton County.
The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) is working through the  appointed Coastal Dune Lakes Advisory Board with broad representation  of property owners, businesses and concerned residents. One of the  Coastal Dune Lakes Advisory Board main concerns is the future stability  of these globally rare and economically valuable community assets. The  goal of this effort is to create a management plan for each individual  coastal dune lake through open participation by all property owners and  stake holders.
An initial public meeting sponsored by the Coastal Dune Lakes Advisory  Board was held earlier this year on January 21 with approximately 60  community participants. During this session, facilitated discussions  were held to identify the most important issues related to our coastal  dune lakes. Meeting participants identified “Enforcement of Existing  Regulations” and “Management of Outfall Issues” as being top concerns.
The next step is where we need YOUR help, as we move to individual  community lake meetings. In these discussions we will generate a  priority list and lay the ground work for the lake management plans.  Ideas produced will be forwarded to a technical committee which will  draft detailed language of the management proposal. The completed  management proposal will be presented at a future community meeting for  YOUR discussion, modification and endorsement. Finalized management  plans will then be presented to the BCC for their action and direction.  These lake management plans will aid our County in future protection  and restoration efforts.
Through this process the long-term health and economic viability of the  lakes will be ensured. Additionally, this process will develop and  implement a prioritized list of projects to enhance the lakes, increase  scientific knowledge, and awareness of the lakes’ ecosystems.
Please take time to attend these important events in the life of our  community. Many of your neighbors are working to organize and  facilitate these meetings – please do your part by participating in  these discussions. You may participate in person or via our discussion forum.

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