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MG Scholarship Application

Walton County Master Gardener Scholarship

Please complete all information on this application form [including the  essay].

Last Name: ________________________

First Name: ________________________

Middle Initial:______

Street: ____________________________

City: _____________________________

State: ____________________________

County: __________________________

Zip: ___________

Phone: _____________________

Social Security Number: ______________

City of Birth: _______________________

High school cumulative grade point average: ___________

Current college cumulative grade point average: ________

GED average score: __________

In which program are you currently enrolled?  __________________________________________

Number of credits completed: __________

Length of program [credits]: ____________

How many semesters have you completed? _________

List high school and city you graduated from and graduation date:  _______________________________________________________

List clubs, organizational activities, special interests and any special  honors received in high school:  ________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________

Please attach a brief essay explaining your interest in the program you have  chosen and why you believe you are deserving of a scholarship. If you meet  specific criteria mentioned for the scholarship, be sure to include that in your  essay. Outline your short-range and long-range career plans and include a brief  personal outline of your background. In addition, please review the specific  scholarship for any additional requirements. Missing information may disqualify  applicant from consideration for some awards. Transcripts If you have graduated  form high school in the past five years, provide an official high school  transcript with your scholarship application. If you graduated earlier no  transcript is required. If you have completed a GED or received a high school  diploma through an alternative program, please submit proof of this completion  along with your scholarship application. Walton County Master Gardeners  membership reserves the right to make all decisions concerning the above  scholarship. The number of scholarships offered, as well as the elements in  each, may vary form year to year.

Return application to:

Master  Gardener Scholarship Walton County Extension Service

732  North 9th Street, DeFuniak  Springs, FL 32433-1655

Phone Number: 850  892-8172

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