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How important is forestry in Walton County?

Walton has 676,900 acres of land. Forests are the major land use covering 76% of the area.

This list of the forest products in Walton County does not include recreation,            or other non-timber products and environmental services forests provide.            Products include revenues from hunting leases, pine straw, and ecotourism.            Services forests provide include greenspace, landscape diversity, visual            aesthetics, water quality, and soil conservation.

  • Value              of standing timber: $443              million 
  • Value of harvest (1996):  $9 million 
  • Direct employees: N/A
  • Indirect employees:  N/A
  • Payroll receipts:  N/A
  • Forest manufacturing & forest value              added: N/A
  • Total sale value of agriculture products               (crop, animals, orchard) : $22 million

Compiled by Dr. M. Jacobson and John Vericker, School of Forest Resources            and Conservation, IFAS, University of Florida

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