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Make Your Tax Refund Work for You

It’s easy for us to think of this year’s tax refund as free money coming to us courtesy of Uncle Sam. However, the truth of the matter is that the check you receive is a return of your own hard earned money. And since you’re going to get your own money back, why not use …

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America Saves Online Challenge ~ $250 in 5 Weeks!

Challenge Yourself to Take the 5 Week Money Challenge! Save $250 in Five Weeks! The America Saves Five-Week Money Challenge    Week #                 Savings Deposit           Total Saved* Week 1 $25   (7 days @ $3.57)            $   25 Week 2 $35   (7 days @ $5.00)            $   60 Week 3 $50   (7 days @ $7.14)            $ …

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Combining Financial Action & Education to Help You Reach Your Goals

Money Smart Week ~ April 5-12 During America Saves Week, over 1,300 organizations around the country encouraged individuals to take control of their financial futures by taking financial action.  America Saves Week may be over but your journey to becoming a successful saver is just beginning.  America Saves and Money Smart Week are teaming up …

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~Spend Less & Save More this Holiday Season~

Last year, the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) found that 12 percent of people said they were planning to spend more during the holidays than in the previous year. That number was up from 2011 where only 8 percent planned on spending more than in the previous year.  …

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