Food Donations That Make a Great Plate

Food donations and charitable giving go hand in hand with the spirit of the holidays. You can make a big difference in someone’s life with generous donations both large and small ~ either way take the extra steps to help create balanced meals with what you give. Take a few minutes to read this publication …

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Women & Money Unique Issues

At some point in their life, women are likely to be solely responsible for financial decision making. Women & Money Unique Issues is a series designed to provide women with information and encouragement about being financially successful. No matter where you are in your path toward understanding financial management, you are likely to increase your confidence in …

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~Container Herbs & Herbs in the Kitchen

Are you using a salt shaker in your kitchen? Concerned about your blood pressure/health? Just want to enjoy better tasting food? Grow herbs anywhere! Whether you decide to grow your herbs inside or outside keeping them close to the kitchen will make it more convenient to use fresh herbs in your dishes. Using herbs is …

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~Holiday Food Safety~

Limits of Leftovers Having leftover turkey and other dishes means you can have additional tasty meals the day after your feast. But there are limits on how long you can safely keep leftovers. 

Temperature and time cause bacteria to grow, which is why it is so important your refrigerator be cold enough and you not …

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~Top Ten Reasons to Become a Trained & Certified Tax Volunteer~

WE NEED YOU!!!! The Internal Revenue Service is seeking community volunteers to provide free tax help to qualified individuals during the tax filing season. Read More About the Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer

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